Austrian mass shooter was a neo-Nazi

'Gregor S.' opened fire on a rock concert Sunday, killing two and wounding eleven.

Tova Dvorin ,


The gunman behind a mass shooting in Austria on Sunday has been identified as a neo-Nazi, local media reports Tuesday. 

A 27 year-old man identified as 'Gregor S.' opened fire on a rock concert in the Alps with a Kalashnikov at 3:00 am local time Sunday, killing two people and wounding eleven.

He fired more than 40 shots into a crowd of 150 people at the concert, which was being held on the outskirts of Nenzing, The Local reports, before committing suicide.  

Police from the Voralberg district noted Gregor was a member of white supremacist group Blood and Honour until 2010, and had been a member since he was 17 years old.  

They added that the gunman had eight previous convictions and was banned from owning a weapon since 2005 due to his record; he was also known to Austrian intelligence. He had also been admitted to a psychiatric institute in 2012. 

The shooting has not definitively been linked with white supremacist values, and the British Telegraph reports that the shooting appears to have been "domestic," not an act of terrorism.