Stabbing attack thwarted in Jerusalem

Arab terrorist arrested for planning an attack at Damascus gate in Jerusalem.

Shoshana Miskin ,

Damascus Gate
Damascus Gate
Hezki Ezra

A 16-year-old Arab terrorist, a resident of the Shuafat neighborhood, was arrested Thursday afternoon for planning to carry out a stabbing attack at Damascus Gate.

Police and Border Guard officers noticed the suspicious youth near the light rail station in Beit Hanina. The young terrorist boarded the bus in Shuafat and made his way toward Damascus Gate.

The security forces boarded the bus after him, and after searching his youth they discovered a knife.

He was arrested and taken in for questioning where he admitted his plan to carry out a stabbing attack against police officers.

“We continue to expand and reinforce the safety of the residents in Jerusalem,” said District Commander Yoram Halevy following the prevented attack.

“The ability of police and Border Guard officers to identify suspicious and unusual behavior indicates the high level professionalism, alertness and readiness. We will continue to act with determination and confidence to keep all the residents in the capital safe.”