'Trying to bash Merkel by criticizing Netanyahu'

Sources close to Prime Minister Netanyahu deny claims by German legislators that relations between the two countries are worsening.

Hezki Baruch ,

Netanyahu and Merkel
Netanyahu and Merkel
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Sources close to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu have responded to reports in the German paper Der Spiegel that relations between the two countries are getting worse.

"The relations between Israel and Germany are strong, and will continue to be so. We'll see if these statements are an internal German attempt to bash Merkel for her close relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu," they explained.

In an interview published by Der Spiegel, senior officials in Merkel's government are quoted as saying that relations with Israel are not as they used to be.

"The idea that Netanyahu is taking advantage of the relationship with Germany in order to achieve his political goal is spreading throughout the German government," a senior member of the Bundestag (the German Parliament). "It would be a welcome change if the Foreign Minister and Chancellor Merkel reconsider their relationship with Israel."

The legislator further claimed that Merkel has also lost her hope of renewing the peace talks during Netanyahu's term as prime minister.