Solder jailed for cocking his weapon at Arabs

Combat soldier given 17 days for cocking his weapon after coming across groups of Arabs verbally clashing in Jerusalem's Old City.

Kobi Finkler,

Flash 90

An IDF combat soldier of the Kfir Brigade's Netzah Yehuda Battalion, also known as the haredi battalion, was sentenced by his commanders to 17 days in detention at a military jail, after he cocked his weapon towards Palestinian Arabs.

The incident took place over the weekend in Jerusalem, when the soldier was on vacation and came across a verbal clash between groups of Arabs in the Old City.

The IDF said the soldier had an ammunition cartridge inserted into his weapon, in a breach of regulations according to which soldiers are to keep their cartridges on them but not inserted so as to avoid accidents.

According to the IDF, the soldier cocked his weapon without there being any operational need for him to do so, and without any threat directed towards him.

The soldier was arrested by police officers who transferred him to the military police.

His commanders passed judgement on him, accusing him of illegal usage of his weapon.