Muslim Zionist recognized for contributions to IDF

Im Tirtzu organization presents award to Sara Zoabi, relative of pro-terror MK Hanin Zoabi.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Sara Zoabi
Sara Zoabi
Im Tirtzu

Im Tirtzu, a Zionist activist organization, held a special ceremony this week in recognition of the work of Sara Zoabi on behalf of the IDF and the Zionist movement.

But Sara Zoabi doesn’t exactly fit the profile of the typical Zionist activist. A devout Muslim, Zoabi is a relative of the staunchly anti-Zionist MK Hanin Zoabi (Joint List).

Nevertheless Sara Zoabi, a resident of the northern town of Nazareth, has declared herself “a proud Zionist,” and has spent years helping minorities in Israel integrate into the IDF, and promoting Zionism in Israel’s Arab sector.

She first entered the public eye during an appearance on the Israeli cooking show MasterChef Israel. Introducing herself as an “Arab, Muslim, Israeli, and a proud Zionist” she became an instant celebrity and a viral sensation. Her son, Mohammed, has also gone public with his pro-Israel views.  

Alon Schwartzer, the director of Im Tirtzu, praised Zoabi as an “outstanding pioneer of integration of minorities into Israeli society, and is a Zionist through and through.”

“Sara and her son Mohammed prove that there are also Muslims in Israel who want to be a part of Israeli society by serving in the IDF,” Schwartzer said.

“Sara and her family put themselves at risk every day because of their Zionist activism, and its our job to help them and support them as much as possible”.

“We wish Sara and Mohammed many more years of their important Zionist work.”