Volunteer under investigation for ending attack

Police volunteers ended last night's attack by shooting terrorist. Internal Investigations now asks if one should have withheld fire.

Matt Wanderman,

Scene of Tel Aviv stabbing
Scene of Tel Aviv stabbing
Yoni Kempinski

The Police Internal Investigations Department is opening an investigation into a volunteer for shooting a terrorist last night (Tuesday), Haaretz reports.

The attacker managed to stab 11 people in Jaffa, killing one, before two civilians who volunteer with the police shot and killed him. One of the two is under suspicion of continuing to fire after the terrorist no longer posed a threat.

A video of the incident shows the attacker lying on the ground while bystanders yell to shoot him in the head and congratulate the volunteers. A gunshot is then heard and one of the volunteers yells that there's no need to shoot because the terrorist was already neutralized.

The clip ends several minutes before the terrorist died. It is not known whether the shooter hit him in the video and, if so, if it was the last shot that killed him.

It should be noted that there have been cases of terrorists continuing to attack after being shot.