'We can't get used to terror - this is Israel!'

Activists begin 33-hour vigil outside Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem - one hour for every victim of 'terror wave.'

Yoni Kempinski and Ari Soffer ,

Women in Green 33-hour vigil
Women in Green 33-hour vigil
Hezki Ezra/Arutz Sheva

Nationalist activists have set up a protest vigil outside the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem, calling on the government to act to end the wave of deadly Arab terrorism which has swept Israel since last year.

The vigil, organized by the Women in Green grassroots activists group, will go on for 33 hours - one hour for each Israeli murdered by terrorists since Rosh Hashana (last September).

Some 300 Israelis have been wounded in Palestinian attacks during that period as well - many of them suffering permanent, life-changing injuries.

Women in Green co-director Nadia Matar told Arutz Sheva that the primary purpose of the vigil was to shake the Israeli public awake and prevent people from simply "getting used to" daily anti-Semitic attacks in the Jewish homeland.

"This cannot go on, we cannot get used to it!" Matar said. "We're not in (pre-war) Poland - we are in Israel, in sovereign Israel, in 2016!"

Matar, whose group has fronted a campaign for Israel to formally annex Judea and Samaria, insisted that tactical security measures, however effective, would not provide a decisive solution to the problem of Arab terror. Only a political program to put to rest Israel's claim and sovereignty over all of the land of Israel - including Judea and Samaria - would grant long-term stability and security to Israeli citizens, she said.

The protesters are there to "remind ourselves and him [Prime Minister Netanyahu] that as long as the question as to whom this land belongs the terror will continue," Matar added.

"The solution is not to bring another 10 soldiers here and another 10 policemen there... the solution is to apply Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria and to implement Israeli sovereignty wherever we already have sovereignty."

Matar lamented that "we are not behaving like a sovereign people," and thus communicate weakness to those who aspire to overthrow the Jewish state.