PM promises bereaved families 'we will win'

Shortly before lethal Rami Levy stabbing, Netanyahu meets families of terror victims and vows 'we will defeat this terror wave.'

Nitsan Keidar,

Binyamin Netanyahu with representatives of the families
Binyamin Netanyahu with representatives of the families
Government Press Office

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met on Thursday with representative members of bereaved families who lost loved ones in the current Arab terror wave that has raged since last September.

The meeting in Jerusalem came just hours before two 14-year-old Arab terrorists murdered a 21-year-old shopper at a Rami Levy supermarket in Sha'ar Binyamin and moderately wounded a 36-year-old victim, creating a new bereaved family in Israel.

Netanyahu was asked by the families to meet with them and hear about how they are coping with the loss and the bereavement. The OneFamily Fund that supports terror victims and their families was also involved in the meeting.

One of the participants began the meeting by telling Netanyahu that "we came out of pain. We came to strengthen you, so that you will do everything so that things like this won't happen again."

In the meeting the representatives of the families presented Netanyahu with a document listing recommendations for the government in combating the wave of terrorism.

They asked that the possibility of expelling the families of terrorists to Gaza be investigated, as well as shortening the time before the homes of terrorists are demolished.

Netanyahu responded by saying these topics were discussed and efforts are being made to advance them, despite the alleged legal difficulties involved. He outlined the activities of the police and the IDF, and told the families that he understands their pain, noting that he lost his brother Yoni Netanyahu, who died in the 1976 Entebbe Operation.

"Your stories are heart breaking. For 100 years we are in a war against terror," said Netanyahu. "All the time we are fighting and winning. This wave we will defeat as well."

"I say to you the truth and am not embellishing. We are in an extended struggle, and are influenced by the global whirlwind of radical Islam," he said in concluding the meeting.

Arutz Sheva spoke with Ben Hamo and Hanamel Even Chen on Thursday evening, the two heroic civilians who shot the terrorists in the Rami Levy attack.

Even Chen noted frustration as to how the government is leaving it up to civilians to defend their own lives, saying, "I ask one question, why do we need to do the work, where's the army, where are the police? That a simple civilian needs to deal with a terrorist - I think that's absurd. True, thank God we kill the terrorists, but why do we need to come across a terrorist, and why - I don't know, these are questions that bother me."