Iran to receive advanced Russian jets, submarines

Russia, Iran likely to sign massive arms deal for jet fighters, submarines, and missile systems.

David Rosenberg,

Sukhoi Su-30
Sukhoi Su-30

As Western sanctions on Iran are being lifted, the Islamic Republic is wasting little time using its new found wealth to strengthen its military capabilities.  

According to a report by Sputnik News, Iran is on the verge of signing a massive arms deal with Russia.

The sale, which would exceed $8 billion, would provide Iran with anti-ship missile systems, a fleet of new submarines, military helicopters, and advanced trainer aircraft for its air force.

Most importantly, the sale would significantly expand the quality and capabilities of Iran’s air force.  Currently, Iran’s air force is centered around an aging fleet of American fighters purchased before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.  

Iran is now planning on upgrading to the modern Sukhoi Su-30 air superiority fighter, a frontline component of the Russian air force.  

The purchase would dramatically improve the strength of both Iran’s air force and navy.  The move would not only boost Tehran’s ability to repel potential attacks by Israel or the United States, but enhance its offensive capabilities vis-à-vis its Sunni Arab rivals.