Health Minister supply cannabis only to deserving

In a Ger-Hasidic convention, MK LIitzman discussed his cannabis reform, child allowance fund.

Artuz Sheva Staff ,

יעקב ליצמן
יעקב ליצמן
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Health Minister MK Yaakov Litzman (United Torah Judaism) attended a Ger-Hasidic convention in Jerusalem on Sunday where he discussed his Cannabis Reform and clarified he does not intend to distribute marijuana to everyone who requests.

"I was given 40 kinds of herbs, to familiarize with them," said the Health Minister. "I am being pressured to allow cultivation of cannabis, but it will not happen. They say I am a liberal, but just the opposite - I am only worried about supplying to those who truly need it and make it easier for them to acquire."

Litzman also addressed the overall budget for child allowances and funding for yeshivas and stressed that it does not belong to the general administrators.

"We worked hard in coalition negotiations to retroactively budget child allowances and yeshiva students, and every last shekel belongs to them," he noted. 

Litzman discussed the coalition negotiations which took place over the past year to achieve the budget.

"Us haredim have received the same billion four times already ... the first time was in our coalition agreement, the second time when signing the agreement, the third time when we still had not received it and demanded it, and the fourth time when the budget was confirmed. We talk about the billion four times, but it is the same billion," said Litzman.