'Child abuse'
UNICEF condemns Palestinian child terrorists

Encouraging children to carry out acts of terror is 'unadulterated child abuse,' says head of UN agency in Israel.

Ari Soffer,

Arab child waves knife during Gaza City march
Arab child waves knife during Gaza City march

The head of the Israeli Fund for UNICEF (The UN Children's Fund) has condemned the culture of incitement which encourages children to carry out terrorist attacks, as "child abuse."

Jonny Cline, Executive Director of UNICEF's Israeli Fund, made his comments following this morning's attack in which two 13-year-old Arab girls stabbed a security guard in Ramle, central Israel.

While the pair were Israeli-Arabs, most other attackers - including children as young or even younger - have been residents of the Palestinian Authority. In this case as in previous attacks, the terrorists were inspired by ceaseless anti-Semitic incitement emanating from Palestinian terrorist groups and the highest levels of PA leadership.

"The exposure of these two children to the type and intensity of incitement and violence that would lead to this kind of act is unadulterated child abuse," Cline told Arutz Sheva.

"Every child is to be protected from exposure to violence. Every child. It is their right, and our responsibility."

UNICEF's main objectives are to fight for the rights and safety of children globally - rights which Cline lamented are being denied to children who are brainwashed by their own religious and political leadership.

"The two girls involved in today’s incident have had their childhood taken from them, have had their lives ruined, by those who have facilitated the acceptance of such behavior.

"No child is to be used as a tool for terror."