EU representative in Israel caught smuggling

Gold bars and jewelry, hundreds of smartphones, and steroids all worth $2.5 million found in car of EU diplomat entering from Jordan.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

EU car in Judea-Samaria (illustration)
EU car in Judea-Samaria (illustration)

A very unusual case of smuggling took place on Thursday, as huge quantities of gold, steroids and smart phones were found in the car of a European Union (EU) representative in Israel, as he drove into the country from Jordan.

Dozens of kilograms of gold, hundreds of smartphones and a full package of steroid drugs were discovered by customs inspectors in the car as it tried to pass through the Allenby Border Crossing from Jordan, reports Channel 2.

The EU diplomat was detained and later released, and his driver - an Arab resident of the northern Atarot neighborhood of Jerusalem - was detained for investigation. The driver had his arrest extended to next Sunday by the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court.

The off-road vehicle in which the stash was found belongs to the EU, and was being used by the political adviser to the EU delegation in the Middle East. The car was brought for inspection near Jericho after trying to cross in from Jordan.

Initially the inspectors found dozens of smartphones of various brands in the car, but later they unearthed another 700 smartphones, in addition to dozens of kilograms of gold bars and jewelry thought to be made of pure gold.

In addition, glass capsules with steroids inside which are illegal to sale and are liable to pose a threat to the public health were also seized.

All together the seized goods reached an estimated value of around 10 million shekels (over $2.5 million).

The illegal activity associated with the EU comes the same Thursday that the IDF demolished nine EU-funded illegal Arab buildings in the northern Jordan Valley.