MK Eichler: Danger of 'ISIS holocaust' in Israel

In fire-and-brimstone interview, UTJ MK says 'If not for our Father in heaven, I would have long since run away from here.'

Gil Ronen ,

Yisrael Eichler
Yisrael Eichler
Flash 90

MK Yisrael Eichler of United Torah Judaism (UTJ) gave a fire-and-brimstone interview to The Jewish Press Tuesday, in which he stated that Israel is "rotten from the inside" and that the danger of an "ISIS holocaust" is greater in Israel than anywhere else.

Asked why haredim are content with living a relatively insular existence, instead of trying to truly change the face of the country, he said that "as soon as we’ll say we want to take over, make no mistake about it, the other side, the anti-religious, will forget all the rules of democracy and all the moral values — like that cat who was trained to serve as waiter at a ball, until it spotted a mouse — on the day the secular papacy understands that there exists such a danger, the entire IDF weaponry will be utilized to defeat the ‘Jewish Hamas’ and ‘Jewish ISIS.’"

“I complained once to a former justice minister about the activism of the courts, who were intervening in legislation without the authority to do it, disregarding the separation of powers," he revealed. "So he told me, ‘Listen, forget this nonsense. When we realized that [Shas party chairman] Aryeh Deri and Rav Ovadia [Yosef] brought in 17 Knesset mandates (in the 1999 election), and you (UTJ) are getting stronger, we realized you were going to conquer our state. And we had two options: either declare a military coup d’état, or a judicial coup d’état. We didn’t go for a military coup because we don’t trust the army’ — back then Shas received more votes in the army than the entire left…

“‘So we decided,’ he told me, ‘to shift the balance in all the government ministries to favor the judicial system’ — empowering the Attorney General, the State Prosecutor, the government legal advisers, the attorneys, because the legal system doesn’t rely on the masses — ‘And that’s how we’ll save our country.’ And they did it. What we’re seeing today — they did it."

He opined that "the big mistake of Religious Zionism" has been to aspire openly to take over the state. "I told him, Tzadik, you don’t have a clue! You’re scaring them! They’ll fight you!... The left is saying today that Bennett is more dangerous than the haredim, because he wants to molest the queen while she is with them in the house (a reference to the Megillah of Esther)."

“Which is why we have to be smart, not scare them, not provoke the nations, and not provoke the Israeli nation either. And do we even want a haredi state? We’re yet to manage the Jewish State, God save us from a haredi state…”

Terrorist hegemony of the media

When interviewer David Israel asked him if this will ever change, he replied with pessimism: “I don’t want to be a prophet of doom, but Israel is in such a state that there’s a very big question mark over its very existence. The world has changed, for good and for bad. There are no more countries, no hegemony, no ministers and no kings. There’s only force, cruelty, murder, terrible lust — and whatever happens to the gentiles – is also happening to the Jews."

“On the other side, in the State of Israel, too, there’s no hegemony — other than the cultural, terrorist hegemony of the media which runs the police, the courts…" Until new police chief Roni Alsheikh forbade police officers from talking to journalists, he said, "Commanders would be sitting with journalists, the journalists would be telling them what to do, and they created an atmosphere which destroyed every spark of humanity, solidarity, Jewishness. So that the Jewish State is also rotten from the inside. And when that’s rotten, and we’re facing so much open lust for murder — had I not believed in the Creator who guards us in a supernatural way I would have recommended to anyone who can, to pack their suitcases and flee — but I don’t even know where. For sure not to France or Sweden or the rest of the deluged Europe, and I no longer trust America either."

“I once told one of our great rabbis," he revealed, "It’s not only that the gentiles in America aren’t waiting to take us in (should there be another Holocaust), the Jews in America aren’t waiting for us, either. They wouldn’t absorb us there if we flee…”

"God will decide how He will handle it," Eichler added, "but if you’re debating the next Holocaust, I have no doubt the most likely place for it is right here, in our country. When I tell you the state is falling apart, I know what I’m talking about. I can’t repeat anything I hear at the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, but I can tell you that every time I come out of one of its meetings I say, God in Heaven, if You were not here I would have fled now to wherever I could.”