Watch: Meet the new IDF 'Commando Brigade'

First IDF Commando Brigade completes 4-day long integrated training drill.

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Kobi Finkler ,

IDF cmmando brigade soldiers
IDF cmmando brigade soldiers
Courtesy IDF Spokesperson's Unit

An historical moment of note took place on Wednesday in the IDF: the first Commando Brigade training session came to a close.

The training session was conducted over four consecutive days in which elite forces carried out missions and eliminated targets without pausing. They continuously moved from one target to the next in an exhaustive exercise. 

"The brigade will no longer be a commando brigade, but rather a brigade that works in sync like a commando force," said Chief Officer, Brigadier-General Uri Gordon. "The way in which we implemented the various forces in the past was missing something. We have a new outlook, a new tool, one which will allow us to stand out in ways that we have not succeeded at yet." 

According to Gordon, the new brigade will be sharper, more varied, and be able to offer new solutions to the challenges that it faces.

"We often deal with maintaining and strengthening the units. We have an opportunity here to build a new fighting force and be able to utilize new tools," Gordon added. "The greatest asset to this brigade is the people in it. We are talking about wonderful people who have the capability to stand up to the challenges which they face in an incredible way."