Livni downplays Labor spat over '2-state solution'

Livni says 'separation from Palestinians' is fundamental vision of Zionist Union, and any internal differences are 'irrelevant.'

Cynthia Blank,

Tzipi Livni
Tzipi Livni
Ben Kelmer, Flash 90

MK Tzipi Livni, head of the Zionist Union's Hatnua faction, attempted to downplay on Monday a war of words between former Labor leader Shelly Yechimovich and current chairman Yitzhak Herzog. 

Yechimovich on Sunday slammed Herzog for not coordinating his statements and position with members of his party, after he last Wednesday admitted to Army Radio that a “two-state solution” is not feasible at this time of Arab terror and high tensions.

The opposition leader, in turn, accused Yechimovich of attacking him "wildly," and maintaining the "naive" belief the Palestinians would "put down their knives" if she called and asked to make peace.

Livni, on Monday, asserted that while she did not necessarily approve of Herzog's message, they both shared a vision for the future and would work to implement it, thus rendering internal rivalries "irrelevant."

"I didn't love Herzog's text, as if we have given up on the vision," she told Walla! News. "I am a partner in our shared vision, which we believe and will continue to promote. It is radically different from what the government produces, and the words are less important." 

"This is the foundation of the Zionist Union and so rivalries within the party as less relevant," she added. 

According to Livni, the policies which lead the Zionist Union ensure a future for Israel, unlike the actions of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's government.

"In order to keep Israel Jewish, democratic and secure, it's better to separate from the Palestinians," she asserted. "We need to pursue negotiations, and as long as there are not, we need to take steps in that direction." 

"This path is significantly different from that of the government, who is in favor of annexation, and all other arguments are more political in my mind," she continued. "Herzog is committed to the same path. Therefore, any internal arguments are not relevant."