Three-day snowstorm starting tomorrow

Storm that began on Shabbat is to morph into thunder/rain/snowstorm starting Monday, with snow and flood warnings lasting three days.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Snowman (illustration)
Snowman (illustration)
Nati Shohat/Flash 90

The rain and snowstorm bearing down on Israel began on Saturday with periodic rains from the north of the country to the Negev in the south, with several thunderstorms also paying a vist as temperatures plunged below seasonal norms.

Snow fell on Mount Hermon, Israel's only ski site, and heavy winds blew throughout the country. Likewise flood warnings for streams and rivers in the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea region came into effect on Shabbat.

Local rains are to fall overnight in the north on Saturday night accompanied by high winds, and later in the night the rain will spread to the central region and northern Negev.

Then on Sunday things will pick it up a notch, with rainy stormy weather predicted from the north to the northern Negev. There are heavy concerns of floods in certain regions.

Snow is to fall in the mountainous regions in the north, and from the evening hours the snow may also make an appearance in the mountains in the center of the country and the northern Negev region, while the south is to be covered in haze.

Temperatures will continue to drop, and fierce winds will sweep over the country.

On Monday the rains will continue accompanied by thunderstorms from the north to the Negev. Snow is to continue falling on the mountains in the north, and the higher reaches of the central region and Negev mountains. Heavy flood warnings remain in effect, and the unseasonable cold and heavy winds will continue.

The rains won't let up on Tuesday either, with their scope focused on the center and south of the country, and they will be accompanied by thunderstorms.

A third straight day of snow is likewise expected in the northern mountains and higher regions of the center and Negev, although the heavy winds will die down gradually. Flood warnings remain in effect, and the intense cold likewise will stay put.