Police arrest second radical leftist activist

Week after far-left activist detained at airport in apparent attempt to flee Israel, another man has been taken into custody.

Yedidyah Ben Or ,

Arrest (illustration)
Arrest (illustration)
Flash 90

Israel Police arrested on Tuesday a second radical left-wing activist following the revelations of a Channel 2 investigative program. 

The program showed how Ezra Nawi of Ta'ayush, together with a leading B’Tselem activist, turned in to the Palestinian authorities Palestinian citizens who chose to sell land to Jews, leading the Arabs to be tortured and murdered.

The activist detained on Tuesday has not yet met with a judge for a remand hearing and it as yet unclear if police will seek to hold him in custody after an interrogation. 

The arrest comes a week after another activist was detained at Ben-Gurion International Airport after apparently trying to flee the country. He is being held on suspicion of conspiring to commit a crime and making contact with a foreign agent.

Haaretz reports he was questioned on various other charges, including accomplice to manslaughter, conspiracy to commit murder, passing information to a foreign agent, transporting an individual without a legal entry permit into sovereign Israeli territory and drug use. 

A court extended the radical activist's remand on Monday, though it remains unknown if any of these additional charges were presented to the presiding judge. 

The judge has issued a gag order on all aspects of the case, including the detainee's identity and personal details.