Sara Netanyahu to be grilled by police again

Prime Minister's wife was questioned for six hours Thursday about alleged improprieties in PM's residence.

Gil Ronen ,

Sara Netanyahu
Sara Netanyahu
Flash 90

Sara Netanyahu, the Prime Minister's wife, will reportedly be grilled by police investigators a second time in less than a week, after being questioned by police for six hours Thursday about alleged improprieties in PM's residence.

According to News1, police investigators and Mrs. Netanyahu agreed that she will be questioned again on Monday or Tuesday, in order to complete her testimony.

Mrs. Netanyahu was questioned under caution Thursday regarding a slew of alleged improprieties in the way the Prime Minister's Residence has been run in recent years. She was asked about old allegations that she took the money that was refunded for bottles that were returned to the supermarket, and that an electrician was summoned to work for the Netanyahus because of his political connections.

She also allegedly overspent on gourmet meals and took garden furniture from the official residence in Jerusalem to the Netanyahus' private residence in Caesarea.

Recently, allegations have surfaced that Mrs. Netanyahu took gifts that she and the prime minister received from foreign visitors and stored them privately instead of handing them over to the officials in the Prime Minister's Office who are supposed to receive them for safekeeping and registration.

News1 claimed that the number of gifts hoarded by Mrs. Netanyahu is estimated to be in the hundreds, and that many were placed in a hiding place outside the Prime Minister's Residence, because she intended to hold on to them indefinitely. Most of the items are inexpensive and estimated at "several tens of shekels" each, according to the report, but some of them are estimated to be worth hundreds of dollars.

However, Mrs. Netanyahu was apparently not questioned about the presents Thursday.

The Netanyahus' media advisor, Nir Hefetz, told Channel 2 that the prime minister's adversaries are trying to hurt him by going after his wife.