3 soldiers wounded during terror arrest operation

Three soldiers lightly wounded while arresting terrorists in Qalandia. It is believed they were wounded by friendly fire.

Elad Benari,

Terror arrests (illustration)
Terror arrests (illustration)
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Three soldiers were lightly wounded overnight Tuesday during an arrest operation of terrorists in Qalandia, north of Jerusalem.

It is believed the soldiers were wounded by friendly fire and not by the terrorists.

During the operation, terrorists twice tried to run over the soldiers. In both cases the terrorists were shot by soldiers before they were able to injure any of them.

Earlier on Tuesday, a Border Policewoman thwarted a potential stabbing in downtown Jerusalem, after she stopped an Arab terrorist with a weapon.

The soldier first flagged the Palestinian Arab woman after she was spotted walking on Dorot Rishonim street in Jerusalem and acting suspiciously.

The Border Policewoman, keeping a safe distance, pulled the woman aside and searched her purse - and found a long screwdriver.  Under interrogation, the Palestinian Arab suspect admitted she had been stalking the street with intent of carrying out an attack.

In a separate incident, two Jews were stabbed and moderately wounded by an Arab terrorist at two adjacent construction sites in Modi'in, located roughly halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Construction workers at the site overpowered the Arab terrorist, and police who arrived quickly arrested him and brought him in for investigation.

From initial findings it became clear the terrorist lives in Beit Sira, located just over the 1949 Armistice lines to the east of Modi'in, and was in sovereign Israeli territory with permission, likely in the form of a work permit.