Watch: New olim test Israeli Sufganiyot

Just in time for Hannukah: NBN releases 'Buzzfeed' style video showing new immigrants tasting Israel's best doughnuts.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Sufganiyot (illustrative)
Sufganiyot (illustrative)
Lior Mizrahi/Flash90

Nefesh B’Nefesh has produced a special Hanukkah video this week showing new North American olim experiencing their first Israeli sufganiot, the famous holiday jelly doughnut.

The test, which pays tribute to the Buzzfeed taste-testing videos, includes samples of sufganiot in a variety of flavors - ranging from the traditional jelly, powdered sugar doughnut to more innovative non-traditional treats Israeli bakeries invented for the holiday.

Olim of all ages spending their first Hanukkah in Israel participated in the taste test. The youngest oleh was four-year-old Noam, while the oldest was 90-year-old Joseph, a Holocaust survivor who made Aliyah to be close to his Lone Soldier grandson.

The sufganiyot tasters also include 19-year-old Adina, who immigrated to Israel last August along with her older sister Tamar, and 4-year-old Eitan, with his father Mordecai.

The video captures the olim trying to pronounce sufganiya as an Israeli, comparing it to American doughnuts, and calculating the time needed in the gym to burn off all the calories.