Hadar: 'The Nation of Israel can suffer no more!'

Hadar Buchris discussed the security situation with her friends just ten days before her own murder. She said: 'Messiah must arrive!'

Hezki Baruch,

Hadar Buchris Hy"d
Hadar Buchris Hy"d
Chabad House Pushkar

Hadar Buchris, the vibrant young woman who was murdered Sunday by an Arab terrorist, discussed the deteriorating security situation with friends just ten days ago.

"Listen, I get it: we need Messiah now!!!," she wrote friends from the Chabad House in Pushkar, India, in an internal WhatsApp group.

A friend replied: "We are glad you have understood. Do you have an idea as to how to hasten his arrival? And how to figure out who he is?"

In reply, Hadar wrote: "There are people here in the group who claim to know who he is… I just think that he has to arrive! Because the Nation of Israel cannot suffer any more! It simply can't."

Hadar recently returned to Israel after a six month trip to India, which included a month in Pushkar.

Shimshon Goldstein, Chabad's emissary at Pushkar, told Arutz Sheva that Hadar took care of his son, Shilo, and always said: "I will be a mother."

She was "full of life and faith," he recalled. "She came here and always spoke about wanting to live a life of truth, a life of action for the Nation of Israel. For amplifying the good in everyone."

"At Chabad House she gave all of her kindliness, with her infectious smile. She would come up to me and ask if she could bake a cake, just to 'spoil' everyone. We are in great sorrow, and sorrow for the entire Nation of Israel."

Hadar at right in Pushkar Chabad House Pushkar

Riki, Hadar Buchris's aunt, told Army Radio Monday: "To cut off a life in the cruelest way. A knife to the head, to the heart, to the upper body. What a terrible thing that is. How can people do that? It is animalistic."

The pain she feels is "the pain of an entire nation," she said. "The nation is calling out, enough! It is not possible that a person must say a prayer just to go out of the house."

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