'Soybean oil' to Gaza was actually rocket fuel

450 liters of TDI engine fuel disguised as the natural product caught by security forces - enough for dozens of rockets.

Kobi Finkler ,

Rocket fuel disguised as 'soybean oil'
Rocket fuel disguised as 'soybean oil'
Transfers Authority

The security guards of the Defense Ministry's Transfer Authority and the Civil Administration's David division stopped a truck traveling from Hevron to Gaza at the Turkarmiya checkpoint Monday, after it noted it was shipping soybean oil. 

The announcement aroused the attention of the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet), who investigated the substance and could not identify the liquid.

The shipment was sent to a lab for testing, where it became clear the "soybean oil" was TDI - turbocharged direct injection - material, the fuel primarily used for rockets and diesel engines. 

The entire shipment constituted some 450 liters (119 gallons) of the material - enough to make dozens of rockets of varying types and sizes. 

Security forces opened up an investigation against the suppliers. 

Joint operations between the Defense Ministry, COGAT, police, and customs officials have uncovered more than 500 attempts to transfer illegal materials from the Palestinian Authority (PA) to Gaza since January 2015, up from 283 in 2014.