Smuggling attempt foiled at Tulkarm checkpoint

Driver from Tulkarm discovered with 100 kilograms of beef inside his tractor.

Yedidyah Ben-Or ,

Smuggled meat
Smuggled meat
Amir Yehias

Officials from the Agriculture Ministry's Investigation and Enforcement Unit revealed over the weekend another attempt to smuggle meat from Palestinian Authority-controlled territory into Israel. 

The smuggling attempt was discovered at the checkpoint at the exit of Tulkarm in Samaria, when a 60-year-old tractor driver was stopped for a routine search. 

At first glance, the tractor appeared empty, but the 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of beef were soon discovered. 

The driver was detained for questioning at the scene and the meat was transferred for disposal by order of a veterinarian. 

Ro'ee Kliger, director of the Investigation and Enforcement Unit said its ability to "catch meat smugglers was based on wide intelligence information which enables the unit to search trucks transporting meat or other agricultural produce as well as trucks that appear completely innocent."

The Agriculture Ministry noted that transporting animals products is prohibited because of autonomy and concern for public health. All meat plants must operate with the proper authorization and kosher supervision.