Herd of antelopes maul cars at Ramat Gan Safari

Frightened zebras and antelopes damage two cars attempting to exit Ramat Gan Safari on Saturday.

Cynthia Blank ,

Antelopes and zebras at Ramat Gan Safari
Antelopes and zebras at Ramat Gan Safari
Moshe Shai / Flash 90

A frightened herd of zebras and antelopes attacked and damaged two vehicles at the Ramat Gan Safari on Saturday, Channel 2 reports.

In an attempt to return to the center of their game reserve, the freely-roaming animals passed a row of cars exiting the safari whereupon they mauled two of them. 

A girl in one of the cars was injured with a dislocated shoulder. One of the vehicles only suffered external damage, while the other was seriously damaged and its rear window shattered. 

"We waited until the early evening to leave when all of a sudden we heard and felt the boom. A second later, another boom," Ran, a witness to the strange incident, recounted. 

"We felt the car moving at a level in which is was about to flip over," he added. "All of the car's glass exploded. It appears that most of the animals got frightened and went wild."

"There were about six kanas (a type of antelope) that just jumped atop the car creating calamity," Ran described. "At first we thought it was gunshots...after a minute we realized what had happened. We were unbelievably tense."

The Ramat Gan Safari is investigating the incident.