ISIS threatens Eilat in new video

Islamic State's Sinai branch claims to be on the cusp of terror war.

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Tova Dvorin ,

ISIS flag
ISIS flag

The Sinai branch of Islamic State (ISIS) released a new video Wednesday threatening attacks on Israel soon - particularly the southern coastal city of Eilat. 

The speaker in the video says that the organization is growing stronger in the Sinai Peninsula, and threatens to attack Eilat "very soon."

He also says that Jews will soon "pay for their crimes against Muslims" and "regret what you did." 

"We are on the edge of the Temple Mount in Palestine, close to the Jews who steal their land," the speaker says. "More than once already the blood of Jews was spilled in surprise attacks," he added, referring to the terror war on Israel. 

The speaker also blasts the Egyptian army for "helping the Jews desecrate holy places for Muslims," referencing Egypt's war on terror in the Sinai Peninsula - which he then claims is unsuccessful. 

This is not the first time ISIS has directly threatened Israel. In October, the group released a video in Hebrew, featuring what appears to be an Israeli Arab; the speaker threatens that "not a single Jew will be left in the entire country."