It's Jewish, Zionist and electronic - meet JEW2!

New music group JEW2 takes popular Israeli folk song and makes it modern. The message: The people of Israel live.

Yoni Kempinski,


BDS? UN resolutions? Terrorist attacks? The world has been very critical of Israel in the past decades, but the State of Israel is just trying to survive.

A new music group, JEW2, has released their first video clip, based on the popular folk Israeli song Am Israel Chai (The Nation of Israel is Alive), arranged in a new and electronic style.

In the clip, actors who portray anti-Israeli Muslims across the globe protest against Israel in Paris, London, Washington DC and even the United Nations in New York. But there is a happy end - they all become Israel lovers.

Group member Shai Barak told Arutz Sheva that JEW2 takes classical Jewish songs and turns makes them modern by arranging them in electronic style.

This involves “a lot of computers, electronic drums, anything electronic,” said Barak, who rejected criticism that JEW2’s music is “secular” and not “Jewish music”.

“It’s not secular music. It’s modern, but it’s Jewish music, and the most important thing is to see people dance to Jewish songs. The music is just a suit for the song,” he explained.

The message of the new clip, said Barak, is simple: It is the title of the song which means “the people of Israel live”.