Watch: PLO terror spin too much even for CNN

Even Jake Tapper found it hard to believe PLO diplomat who claimed Israel is 'executing' terrorists.

Gil Ronen,

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Maen Rashid Erekat, the chief of the PLO Delegation in Washington, went on Jake Tapper's "The Lead" show on CNN Wednesday to attack Israel for defending itself against Arab terrorism.

Erekat claimed that Israel was "executing" Palestinians without trial and that police should injure and apprehend terrorists instead of shooting them dead.

This spin proved too much for Tapper, however, and he explained that anyone attacking policemen with a knife in the US would also be shot. Erekat found himself stumbling around his own words as video showed a terrorist lunging at police with a knife before being shot.

"If I have a knife and I run outside here and go at a cop with a knife, I'm going to get 'executed'; that's how it works," Tapper insisted, but Erekat repeated that Palestinian civilian casualties are "ignored" by the media.