Victims Wounded By Friendly Fire in Be'er Sheva

Confused fighting between several security forces may have upped Sunday's casualty count, senior police officer says.

Tova Dvorin ,

Scene of Be'er Sheva attack
Scene of Be'er Sheva attack
Meir Even Haim/Flash 90

Many of those injured in Sunday night's shooting attack at the Be'er Sheva Central Bus Station may have been wounded by friendly fire - not from the terrorist himself, a senior police officer said Monday night. 

Two people were killed in the attack and nine others wounded - several seriously - when 21 year-old Israeli Arab Muhaned Al-Okabi shot a soldier, grabbed his automatic weapon and opened fire on a group of police standing in the station. He was later shot dead by security forces. 

Those killed in the attack included IDF soldier Omri Levy, whom Al-Okabi shot, and Eritrean national Haftom Zarhum - who was shot and beaten to death after the crowd mistook him for a second terrorist.

But the chaos may not have ended there.

"We're looking into the possibility that our own forces fired on other forces, including at guards, soldiers, and police officers," the senior police officer stated to Walla! News, on condition of anonymity. 

However, he stressed that this would not affect operations.

"It can happen during such an incident," he said.