Arabs Try to Unmask Undercover Special Ops Forces

Arabs go online to try and endanger mista'aravim special forces who infiltrate their terror ranks to thwart attacks and spread fear.

Ari Yashar,

Mista'aravim outside Beit El
Mista'aravim outside Beit El
Flash 90

The elite mista'arvim unit of Duvdevan special ops undercover forces have been very active in recent days, infiltrating and then breaking up violent riots by disguising themselves as Arabs. But now Arab extremists are seeking to divulge their identity and endanger their lives.

Last Wednesday the mista'aravim were filmed snapping into action to thwart Arab riots at Beit El in Samaria, and more video footage showed how their presence went totally undetected before they cracked down, arrested the leaders of the riots and spread fear among the rest who immediately fled.

However, on Sunday Arab sources began spreading the alleged pictures of the faces of the mista'aravim special ops troops on social networks, posting images of them after they sprang into action and drew their weapons, reports Walla!.

"These are the despicable mista'aravim," wrote the Arabs on social media together with the pictures. "Spread their pictures. And you, sons of Jerusalem, remember their faces."

Included were a number of pictures of alleged mista'aravim conducting arrests with their guns drawn; it is unclear whether the troops pictured are currently being deployed to thwart riots, and in most cases the mista'aravim like the Arab rioters keep their faces masked with scarves.

The special undercover Duvdevan forces have been operating in large numbers in recent weeks to nab terrorists throwing rocks and launching other attacks even before the terrorists have the opportunity to realize their lethal intentions.

"It is a method of offense instead of defense," a senior police force familiar with the mista'aravim told Walla! of their techniques. Police noted that the undercover forces work in tandem with the intelligence branch in the region.

Speaking about the highly effective techniques to apprehend terrorists before they get the chance to launch an attack, the source added, "it's an excellent technique that contributes to the police (actions) against the rioters."

Video of the covert forces in action in Beit El last Wednesday can be seen below.