Regev 'Restoring Dignity to the State of Israel'

Professors for a Strong Israel laud Culture Minister for 'strengthening Israel' via new criteria for funding cultural institutions.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Miri Regev
Miri Regev
Flash 90

Professors for a Strong Israel applauded Culture Minister Miri Regev on Monday following the publication of her criteria to determine which cultural institutions in Israel will receive funding from the state. 

"We congratulate you on the important and necessary step you're taking in the Culture and Sport Ministry, as well as your steadfastness in the face of left-wing, anti-Zionist bodies, who work against the image and reputation of the State of Israel," the group wrote to Regev. 

"We recognize the humongous pressure exerted on you from many entities, who want to see another country here - one that is not necessarily Jewish or Zionist - and who are unable to come to terms with your democratic duty in the use of policies entrusted to you as the appointed Culture and Sports Minister."

Professors for a Strong Israel also praised Regev's work to "strengthen both the State of Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people and the Zionist idea" via the institutions she chooses to fund.

"We strengthen you and congratulate you on this important decision and the policies that lead your ministry, which work to restore the dignity of the State of Israel and to strengthen it as the national homeland of the Jewish people."

According to Regev's list of criteria published Wednesday night by Channel 2, cultural institutions who endorse the following will not receive state funding: 

  • denying the existence of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state;
  • inciting racial hatred, violence and terrorism;
  • supporting act of terrorism against Israel;
  • marking Independence Day as a day of mourning;
  • acting against an Israeli symbol;
  • and boycotting or calling for a boycott of Israel.

"I make a clear distinction between freedom of expression and freedom of funding," the Culture Minister declared. "Freedom of expression is a supreme value in Israel. But, the state has the right not to finance factors that undermine its Jewish and democratic character."