Cruz and Trump to Team Up on Iran Deal

Republican presidential candidates slated to appear in September 9 rally in Washington against the Iran nuclear deal.

Ben Ariel ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidates Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are teaming up in opposing the Iran nuclear deal.

According to NBC News, Cruz has invited Trump to Washington for an upcoming rally against the deal.

The two are set to appear at an event organized by the Tea Party Patriots, the Center for Security Politics, and the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), according to the Cruz campaign.

Mort Klein, the ZOA president, said the rally has been in the works for weeks, though Trump's inclusion is a relatively new development.

"I think it's of great value to have a person who will likely command coverage of this rally, of this issue, like Donald Trump would be able to," he said, according to NBC News. "I think it's a good thing. I don't care if he sucks the air out of the room."

Klein, who said the rally is tentatively set for September 9, added, "Maybe [Trump] will be covered more than anyone else at the rally. Fine. The issue's all that matters to me, and getting it covered, and trying to stop this disaster for our country."

Cruz has made his opposition to the Iran agreement a key part of his campaign platform, vowing to "rip to shreds" the deal on the first day of a Cruz presidency.

Trump has also been vocal of his opposition to the deal, warning several weeks ago that it would lead to a doomsday scenario.

"[The Iranians] are going to be such a wealthy, such a powerful nation. They are going to have nuclear weapons. They are going to take over parts of the world that you wouldn't believe. And I think it's going to lead to nuclear holocaust," Trump told NBC at the time. "Israel is in big trouble. Obama has really let Israel down."

The September 9 rally would take place eight days before the deadline for Congress to approve or reject the deal.

Supporters of the agreement have had the momentum growing in their favor. A 29th senator, Democrat Patty Murray of Washington, came out in favor of the deal on Tuesday.

So far, only two Senate Democrats — New York's Chuck Schumer and New Jersey's Bob Menendez — have announced that they will vote against the deal, though several key Democratic senators have yet to announce their position.

On Wednesday, the White House said the Obama administration is focused on building enough support for the Iran deal to keep Congress from "spoiling" it.

Earlier this week, Obama let loose with a condescending insult against opponents of the Iran nuclear deal, claiming those who are critical of the controversial agreement are "crazies."