Injured Dolphin Rescued Off Acco Coast

Swimmers, police and Nature and Parks Authority officials joined forces to carry the 551 pound dolphin to shore.

Cynthia Blank,

Smiling Dolphin
Smiling Dolphin

A wounded dolphin was discovered trapped between the rocks off the coast of Acco (Acre) in the northern Israeli city's Argaman Beach. 

Swimmers on the beach spotted the dolphin and alerted the Acco police, who arrived along with municipal officers, Israel Nature and Parks Authority (NPA) officials and veterinary workers. 

In a joint effort, beach-goers, divers from the Shavei Zion diving club, police officers, lifeguards, NPA officials and the veterinarians rescued the mammal, carrying the 250-kilogram (551 pound) dolphin to shore. 

Following a consultation between NPA officials and the veterinary workers, it was decided to remove the dolphin from the beach and bring it for treatment at NPA headquarters. 

Rescuers called for people on the beach to make way for the safe evacuation of the injured mammal. 

The Acco municipality issued commendation for those on the beach who had helped rescue and carry the dolphin out of the water. 

Earlier this month, a dead dolphin pup was found by a local resident near the marina in Eilat, just 50 meters (0.3 miles) from the beach. 

Naval police fished the dolphin out of the water; the Israel Marine Mammal Research and Assistance Center reported that the pup was very young and had suffered from malnutrition.