France: 'Hate Crime' Robbery Against Prominent Jew

Robbers break into French Jewish leader's house, steal valuables and write "Dirty Jews, long live Palestine" on the wall.

Matt Wanderman,

Anti-Semitic Graffiti in France
Anti-Semitic Graffiti in France

A French anti-Semitism watchdog group reports that burglars recently broke into the home of an elderly Jewish leader. In addition to stealing $10,000 worth of jewelry and valuables, the criminals also wrote "Dirty Jews, long live Palestine" on the wall in lipstick.

The homeowner, who has been identified only as Alain B., told police that he and his wife were on a four-day vacation in Turkey when his home alarm system alerted them that someone had broken in. They called a neighbor, who found that a kitchen window was broken.

"It's truly a tragedy," Alain told the Parisien newspaper. "We have lived in this apartment since 1974 and now we feel we must leave the community. We no longer feel safe. Our children and grandchildren don't want to come see us."

The couple had been the victims of another robbery in May, and expressed concern that it may be the same thieves.

This is the latest in a series of property crimes targeting Jews in and around Paris. Last month three men of African descent held a family at gunpoint while robbing their house. In that instance, the robbers told the victims that they chose their target because "Jews have money."