Neo-Nazi 'Flash Mobs' to Target London Jews?

Following several failed attempts to intimidate British Jews, far-right splinter group announces yet another anti-Semitic initiative.

Ari Soffer,

Far-right group models itself on Greek Golden Dawn party (pictured)
Far-right group models itself on Greek Golden Dawn party (pictured)

Following two failed attempts to target London's Jewish community over the past several months, a fringe far-right group has announced a third anti-Semitic campaign in the British capital.

The New Dawn Party - which models itself on the neo-Nazi Greek Golden Dawn Party - announced on its Facebook page late last week that it would be holding yet another provocative rally in an area with a large Jewish community on the pretext of opposing the Shomrim neighborhood watch patrols, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

"The next liaised 'Oppose the Shomrim' demo will take place in September in Finchley," the message read.

It comes just over a week after a second controversial neo-Nazi rally - initially planned for Golders Green, in the heart of London's Jewish community, but moved after pressure from anti-hate campaigners - took place in central London.

But despite the publicity surrounding that event the rally itself was derided as a failure, with less than two dozen Nazis from several small far-right factions turning up to wave Palestinian and Confederate flags, in contrast to some 200 counter-protesters.

That rally followed a similarly small Nazi demo in Stamford Hill, another London neighborhood with a large Jewish population.

But in an attempt to stay relevant, this time the New Dawn - which was involved in the previous protests as well - is adding a new element, announcing that prior to the main event in Finchley there "will be flash demos in several locations including Golders Green."

In addition, the timing of this event is particularly provocative. Though a precise date has yet to be announced, the Jewish High Holy Days of Rosh Hashana (New Year) and Yom Kippur will take place in September.

Jewish community activists have already announced a counter-initiative.

A spokesman for the Community Security Trust (CST), which monitors and combats anti-Semitism in the UK, said it was aware of the latest initiative and would be working with other communal organizations to oppose it.

"As in the case of Golders Green and July 4, CST, the Board of Deputies, London Jewish Forum and Jewish Leadership Council will work together as required," Mark Gardner told the Chronicle.

"We have already liaised with the Metropolitan Police, Home Office and the Department of Communities and Local Government regarding this potential next demonstration and we will continue to monitor the situation very closely indeed."

Gardner added that, as with the previous rally, the Jewish community would continue to work with other communities to oppose such open displays of anti-Semitism and racism.

"The Golders Green Together initiative developed strong cross-communal alliances and these will be built upon if required," he said.