MK: Do 'Everything Possible' to Free Kidnap Victim

Ethiopian-Israeli MK said Thursday that Israel must do everything possible to find captive Avraham Mengistu.

Yaakov Levi ,

Avraham Nagosa (file)
Avraham Nagosa (file)
Miriam Alster/Flash90

Avraham Nagosa, a Likud MK from the Ethiopian community, said Thursday that Israel must do everything possible to find Avraham Mengistu, the Israeli who crossed into Gaza last year and has been missing since then.

“I wish to send encouragement to the Mengistu family who have for months have been suffering over lack of information about the fate of their son," Nagosa stated. 

If Mengistu is being held by Hamas, he said, “this is a matter of a civilian being held hostage, and he must be released immediately.”

Hamas has not confirmed it is holding Mengistu or an Israeli Arab who is missing as well. On Thursday, a source in Gaza denied this was the case, saying that Hamas released Mengistu when it became clear that he was not a soldier.

Israeli security officials assert Hamas is lying, and is indeed holding the two Israelis captive. 

Nagosa said that he could “not reveal details about Mengistu's situation since he crossed into Gaza last September, but in any event Hamas is responsible for his fate." 

"We are asking Hamas to release him, alive. I am very hopeful that this incident will soon be resolved, and Mengistu will be released to his family.”

Israel indicated Thursday there are no negotiations underway for Mengistu's release, as Hamas continues to maintain he was already freed.