Bob Stark: The Poet Philanthropist

Amazing journey from a 13-year-old orphan who visited Israel to a mega-philanthropist for Israel and Jewish causes.

Judy Simon,

The Poet Philanthropist. Bob Stark
The Poet Philanthropist. Bob Stark
Judy Simon

Bob Stark grew up in Cleveland. At the age of 13, his father died, and his mother sent him on a bar mitzvah trip to Israel.

That summer changed his life. Now a successful businessman, Bob has dedicated his life to making a difference. He has already transformed the Jewish community of Cleveland by founding a model school, importing Israelis to run the Torah Mitzion Kollels which he also founded, and by investing in informal education for Jewish youth. And this is just a fraction of his projects.

Tune in to meet this big-hearted philosopher, whose generosity and wisdom of process-thinking has changed the lives of countless people. Maybe a bit of his can-do spirit will rub off on you!

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