Pentagon: War on ISIS Has Cost Over $2.7 Billion

Anti-Islamist operation in Syria and Iraq now costing more than $9 million per day, and still struggling to show meaningful results.

Tova Dvorin,

US airstrikes on ISIS in Syria
US airstrikes on ISIS in Syria

The US's war on Islamic State (ISIS) carries a hefty price tag, the Pentagon and Defense Department announced Friday.

Since the war - named Operation Inherent Resolve - was announced last August, the US has spent some $2.7 billion in 10 months alone, according to the Associated Press

Of that figure, $1.8 billion has been spent by the US Air Force - with $5 million per day spent on combat flights and reconnaissance. 

Special operations have cost $200 million; the Navy, $438 million; the Army, $274 million for the Army; general military pay, $16 million; munitions, $646 million; and $21 million for intelligence and surveillance operations.

In total, the average daily cost is more than $9 million. 

As of the first quarter of 2015, the total US national debt (public debt) stands at $18.1 trillion.

Despite the hefty investment in the fight against the ISIS terrorists, US President Barack Obama has been sharply criticized for continuing to funnel in more troops while not having a comprehensive strategy.

In a press conference in Germany on Monday, Obama admitted that he doesn't have a "complete strategy" to defeat ISIS.