Leftist Provocateur Hetzroni Leaves the Country

Leftist professor whose racist diatribe got him ejected from a Ch. 2 debate says he got a new career: producing anti-Israel propaganda.

Ari Soffer ,

Good riddance: Provocateur Professor Amir Hetzroni
Good riddance: Provocateur Professor Amir Hetzroni

Professor Amir Hetzroni, the left-wing provocateur who caused a storm following the recent Israeli elections with a racist rant against a Sephardic TV host, has finally made good on his promise to leave Israel.

Few Israelis will be sorry to see the long-haired demagogue - who made a career out of attacking Israel and regularly complaining about how much he disliked the country - out the door, but this will not be the last they see of him.

In a post on his Facebook page Sunday, Hetzroni revealed he was embarking on a new career, specifically: "Strong anti-Israel propaganda in the first-person, with an emphasis on my past work as a senior scientist in the service of the occupation, and that I have been banned just because of my disillusionment."

His work "in service of the occupation" is a reference to his time as a lecturer at Ariel University in Samaria, where the leftist professor was suspended last year after posting insulting comments about a forum for female victims of sexual assault.

Hetzroni claimed at the time that he was being "persecuted" by the "right wing university" for his left wing views, especially for his stance against IDF actions during last summer's Operation Protective Edge. The university fired Hetzroni last August, but a labor court ruled that the dismissal had violated procedural and union rules. The case is still pending.

But he rose to national notoriety after a stormy live post-election debate on Channel Two during which he blamed Sephardic voters for the victory of Binyamin Netanyahu in the elections, and told his interviewer - herself a Sephardic Jew - that "nothing bad would have happened if your parents had stayed in Morocco and rotted there."

Hetzroni was eventually ejected from the debate, and a complaint was filed with police over his racist rant.

Hetzroni says he believes the Jews who immigrated to Israel following the founding of the State of Israel - and in particular those from "non-Western" countries - should never have been allowed in, and regularly makes public disparaging remarks about nearly every element of the Jewish population in Israel, who he considers "primitive." 

Despite those inglorious credentials, Hetzroni says he has already secured himself a first assignment. He says he will be starring in "an Al Jazeera documentary film which seeks to explain why it would be preferable to close shop on the State of Israel and split the shares among the founders who arrived up until 1948."

Watch: Hetzroni's racist rant on Channel 2

Last week, in announcing his plans to leave Israel, Hetzroni penned a typically hyperbolic and offensive message, which he posted on his Facebook page.

"Congratulations, the State of Israel and I have reached the end of our joint journey. It isn't possible to say we enjoyed it. It's difficult to enjoy (yourself) in a place where practically every family spawns three toddlers clutching greasy kebabs, getting drunk on cheap vodka and emitting CO2 on commercial levels."

Not content with insulting Sephardim and Jews of Russian descent, he also took aim at Ethiopian Jews.

"It's not pleasant to live somewhere where if you say a word bad about Blacks whose hobby is to beat people and smash display windows you are considered a racist," he continued.

"After all my efforts to improve the situation from within came to naught, there is no choice left but to leave."

Upon arriving for his departure flight on Sunday he fired a parting, racist shot, sardonically describing the departures area in Ben Gurion International Airport as "the most beautiful place in Israel."

"I'd be happy for you to join me for a high-quality dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant," he said "It is important to me - before I leave - to teach this fantastic community how to eat with a knife and fork." 

Hetzroni refused to reveal where he was going, but Channel Two claimed his ticket was a one-way flight to Copenhagen.

A gaggle of journalists were present for his departure, during which Hetzroni explained at length to a Walla! news reporter why he hates the Jewish state.

But it appears the feeling is mutual, if the responses of the Israeli travelers asked what they would buy for him a as a parting gift is anything to go by.

"Poison," one answered simply when asked, while another responded: "A one-way ticket to wherever he’s going…and maybe some chocolate from duty free."

Or the personal message one man had for Hetzroni: "Die and don't come back - they should bury him wherever he is going."