Gas Prices Drop to Lowest in Five Years

At midnight self-service Benzene 95 prices are to drop over half a shekel from last month, as prices reach their lowest in five years.

Nir Har-Zahav, Ari Yashar,

Gas station (illustration)
Gas station (illustration)
Kobi Gideon/Flash 90

At midnight on Tuesday night, the gasoline prices for gas stations around Israel will be updated.

The price for a liter of 95 octane unleaded Benzene for self-service (including VAT) will drop by 63 agurot to 6.27 shekels (roughly $1.60), constituting a 9.13% drop from last month.

For the same gasoline with full service an additional 19 agurot will be charged, staying at the same price for service as the previous month.

As a result of the price drop for self-service Benzene, the price will reach the lowest it has been in the past five years.

The maximal price for a liter of 95 octane unleaded Benzene (not including VAT) at self-service gas stations in Eilat is to drop by 53 agurot from last month to 5.32 shekels, marking a 9.06% drop.

In Eilat as well, an addition for full service not including VAT will stay at 16 agurot as it was last month.