Elderly Woman's Pleasure Cruise Turns to Nightmare

73-year-old went to Eilat for a cruise - instead, she got spinal bone fractures and 10% permanent disability.

Ari Yashar,


A 73-year-old female resident of Rehovot wanted a pleasure cruise in Eilat - she ended up with fractures in her spin and partial disability instead.

The woman's lawyer, Attorney Gavriel Malach, has submitted a lawsuit noting the opening to the ship's engine room was left uncovered. Shortly after boarding the elderly woman lost her balance and fell into the opening, being severely wounded in the process, with most of the damage inflicted on her lower back.

She was evacuated quickly to the Yoseftal Medical Center in Eilat for two days of intensive hospitalization, which led to the long rehabilitation process she continues to struggle with.

The woman suffered bone fractures in the spinal column and pelvis, strong unrelenting pains, serious limitations of motion, difficulty in performing daily functions, and 10% permanent disability.

Malach filed the suit against the cruise company and against her insurance company "Menora."

An agreement was reached in the Jerusalem Magistrates Court, granting her 75,000 shekels (just over $19,000) in compensation - she continues to go through rehabilitation for the injuries she received in the pleasure cruise gone wrong.