Terrorist\'s Body Wrapped In Pigskin


\"Residents of Gush Katif decided to take matters into their own hands,\" said local Rabbi Yosef Al-Nekaveh yesterday, \"and when we were involved in evacuating the bodies of the three murdered Israelis [at the Kisufim attack this past Monday night], they placed pig fat and pigskin on the body of the dead terrorist.\" He said that a \"right-wing kibbutznik\" had supplied them with the swinish tissues. Arab MKs responded with outrage. Ahmed Tibi said, \"\"This is a pig-like act of a man who is not worthy of being a rabbi,\" while Abdel Malek Dahamshe added, \"The ethical inferiority and lowliness that the settlers have reached is intolerable. This is an act of first-degree desecration of God\'s name... It is especially shocking to think that a rabbi did this.\" On the other side of the spectrum, MK Tzvi Hendel said, \"If these primitive murderers stuff their brains with nonsense about Paradise and who-knows-how-many virgins waiting only for them, then they certainly believe in the other nonsense that being buried with pigskin blocks their way to Paradise.\"