Regev: Close PA-Assigned Areas if Terror Continues

MK Miri Regev welcomes PM's crackdown on terrorism.

Shlomo Pitrikovsky ,

MK Miri Regev
MK Miri Regev
Flash 90

MK Miri Regev (Likud) on Tuesday evening welcomed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s announcement of a crackdown on terrorism.

If the terrorist attacks against Israelis continue, she said, Israel should impose a general closure on the Palestinian Authority-controlled areas of Judea and Samaria and not allow PA workers to enter Israel so long as they pose a threat to Jews.

"I would like to strengthen Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for his unequivocal message to Israeli Arabs - do not get carried away by incitement," Regev wrote on Facebook.

"As I have said in recent weeks, Israel has dealt in the past with terrorism and knows how to deal with it - so do not test us. The attempts by [PA Chairman Mahmoud] Abbas and Arab Knesset members, in the person of Ahmed Tibi, to incite the public will not help anyone,” she continued. “Only an iron fist, demolishing the homes of terrorists and economic punishments against the parents of Arab youth rioters will bring peace.”

Regev added, "I think that if the terrorism continues, the prime minister and defense minister should announce a general closure on Judea and Samaria. We will not allow Palestinians to work inside Israel as they want to murder our citizens.”

Netanyahu earlier stated that he would be taking steps to "increase security forces throughout Israel" to "ensure Israeli citizens' security," through coordinated efforts with the Israel Security Agency (ISA), IDF, and the Israel Police.

The steps will include "increasing forces in the field throughout Israel," "demolishing terrorists' homes, harsh punishments for rock-throwers, firebomb and fireworks attacks, fines against the parents of rock-throwers, outlawing the parties behind the terrorism and riots in Jerusalem, and other steps."

"Terrorism against us has no borders," he continued. "They are trying to uproot us from everywhere in the country. According to the terrorists, we don't have to be anywhere - not in Jerusalem, not in Tel Aviv, not in Gush Etzion, not anywhere."

"They will not succeed," declared Netanyahu.

Netanyahu's statement came against the backdrop of escalating tensions in Jerusalem - which has suffered three major terror attacks in two and a half weeks - and amid concerns that Hamas has been planning a "large-scale attack" on Israeli citizens.