Netanyahu: Iran is An Enemy

PM Netanyahu tells Jewish Federations of North America that instead of a bad deal with Iran, the sanctions on it should be toughened.

Elad Benari ,

Netanyahu addresses JFNA
Netanyahu addresses JFNA
Photo: JFNA

Iran is not a friend of the United States and the sanctions against it should be maintained, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday.

Speaking by video to the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America, Netanyahu opened by responding to Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks at the same conference that he and Netanyahu are “buddies”.

“Tell Vice President Biden that I know we’re still buddies. We’ll always be buddies,” said Netanyahu.

“It’s important to have friends like the United States and Canada because, it’s important for any country to have such alliances, but especially for a country like Israel that faces many challenges unlike any other nation on Earth.” 

“But none of these challenges is more important than the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear ambitions,” he added.

“Our goal must not be merely to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons today. We must also prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons tomorrow.”

“Iran is openly committed to Israel’s destruction. And even as Iran negotiates a nuclear deal with the leading powers in the international community, its Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, brazenly calls for Israel's annihilation. These are not my words, these are his words: Israel’s annihilation.

“He just did it again three days ago on his Twitter account. That’s apparently the Iranian regime’s idea of modernity – tweeting about the annihilation of Israel,” Netanyahu said.

The Prime Minister warned that “Iran’s wild rhetoric is also backed by murderous action”, citing the Islamic Republic’s sponsorship of terrorist groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

“This is how Iran acts without nuclear weapons; now imagine how Iran will act if a deal is made that leaves it as a threshold nuclear power,” warned Netanyahu.

“It’s obvious that Iran wants to remove the sanctions that have had such a devastating impact on its economy. But it should be equally obvious that Iran is not prepared to dismantle its nuclear weapons program in return.”

“Unfortunately, instead of holding firm and demanding that Iran dismantle its program, the international community is reportedly, and I hope these reports do not prove to be true, but the international community is reportedly willing to leave Iran’s nuclear program largely intact. They hope to rely on intelligence and inspectors to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons,” said Netanyahu.

He warned, “I believe this would be a bad deal and a huge mistake.”

“As for inspectors, they weren't able to stop North Korea from getting the bomb. And if the ten year run-around that Iran has given the International Atomic Energy Agency is any indication, inspectors won’t stop Iran from getting the bomb either.”

“The IAEA itself has reported just last week that Iran continues to conceal the most suspicious aspects of its nuclear program from the international inspectors that are already in Iran.”

“Some people have suggested that Iran can help America solve the problems of the Middle East,” said Netanyahu, “But Iran is not part of the solution. It’s a huge part of the problem.”

He stressed, “The Islamic State of Iran is not a partner of America. It’s an enemy of America. And it should be treated as an enemy – by keeping tough sanctions on the regime; by making clear that the international community is determined to do whatever it takes to prevent Iran from breaking out or sneaking out to get the bomb.”