Jordanian Speaker: Israel's 'Aggression' Worse than ISIS

The speaker of the Jordanian Parliament compares Israel’s construction in Jerusalem to ISIS attacks.

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Ben Ariel,

Islamic State terrorist (file)
Islamic State terrorist (file)

The speaker of the Jordanian Parliament on Monday compared Israel’s construction in Jerusalem to the terrorist attacks of the Islamic State (ISIS).

The Iranian PressTV news agency quoted the remarks of the speaker, Atef Tarawneh, made during a meeting with visiting Maltese Foreign Minister George William Vella.

According to the report, Tarawneh called on the international community to pressure Israel to resume talks with the Palestinian Arabs and put an end to its “repeated violations against the holy sites” in Jerusalem, as well as construction in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

He reportedly said that Israel's “aggression” against the Palestinians is "no less than ISIS actions."

Jordan, which signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994, has several times criticized Israel over the past few weeks.

On Sunday, Jordan's ambassador to Israel, Walid Obeidat, warned that continued Israeli construction in Judea and Samaria would jeopardize the peace agreement between the two countries.

Obeidat was speaking at an event marking 20 years since the signing of the peace agreement between Jordan and Israel, which was held at the Rabin Center in Tel Aviv.

"All of these actions are inconsistent with international humanitarian law, and if the construction continues, it will eventually jeopardize the agreement between Israel and Jordan," the ambassador said.

"Continued settlement activity and any harm to the status quo in the Muslim holy places endanger the peace agreement," added Obeidat.

Several days ago it was reported that Jordan's King Abdullah II is pressing Israel not to pass a bill allowing Jews to exercise their religious rights and pray on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism.

PressTV noted that Tarawneh’s comments on ISIS and Israel mirrored earlier remarks by King Abdullah, who warned about “Zionist extremism” in the region last Monday.

The king said that people in the Middle Eastern country should join hands to keep threats posed by all extremists away from its borders, adding, “We have to think together how to deal with the various challenges.”