How Many Children Can You Fit in One Car?

Shuttle driver detained by police for transporting 16 children in his private vehicle after his shuttle bus broke down.

Cynthia Blank ,

Children in Vehicle
Children in Vehicle
Israeli Police Spokesman

A shuttle driver was arrested Monday in Lod for transporting a stunning 16 children in his private vehicle. 

The vehicle, a Toyota Corolla, can only accommodate up to five passengers - including the driver. 

During their routine operations, the police said, they spotted the car and it aroused their suspicions. They signaled to the driver to stop.

When they opened the car doors they discovered 16 children aged 5-10 crowded inside. Some of the children were found on the floor near the gas and brake pedals. 

The police's preliminary investigation determined that the driver, a resident of Lod in his forties, is a shuttle bus driver who makes a living driving children to school every day.

His shuttle bus broke down this morning and he decided instead to take the kids in his own car, which as mentioned can only legally hold 5 people.

The driver was detained for questioning.