Jerusalem Councilman: Terrorists Are Roaming Free

Jerusalem Councilman and former mayoral candidate Moshe Lion calls for the restoration of law and order following terrorist attack.

Ido Ben Porat,

Moshe Lion
Moshe Lion
Flash 90

Jerusalem Councilman Moshe Lion, who ran for the post of Jerusalem mayor last year, on Wednesday blamed Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat for the security deterioration in the capital.

Lion was speaking following the terrorist attack at the Ammunition Hill station of the Jerusalem Light Rail, in which a three-month-old baby was murdered and eight people were injured.

"Unfortunately, the lives of the residents of Jerusalem have been abandoned. Today a murderous attack took place which cost the life of a baby and the injury of civilians. I send my condolences to the family of the baby who was killed in the murderous attack and pray for the recovery of the injured,” he said.

Lion added that in recent months, residents of Jerusalem have come under fire from endless terrorist attacks.

“Throughout this entire time we warned and urged the mayor to act to enforce law and order in Jerusalem in order to stop the security situation from deteriorating, but when there is are no actions on the ground, the terrorists roam the area freely and the consequences are serious,” he said.

“I once again call on the mayor to act, not just talk, take actions and enforce the law and restore security for all residents of Jerusalem,” concluded Lion.

Earlier Wednesday, Barkat responded to the terror attack and said, “We must restore peace to Jerusalem - as I said for months, the situation in Jerusalem is intolerable and we must be acting unequivocally against the violence taking place in the city.”

"Now it is clearer than ever that the police must be put into Arab neighborhoods where there are disturbances, that checkpoints must be established, and that a significant presence must be felt," Barkat added.

"At my request, the Prime Minister has instructed to reinforce the police to be able to operate and carry out operations against rioting, including the addition of personnel and special units, using new technology, and increasing intelligence," he continued. "I'll continue to be vigilant and will not rest until security returns to Jerusalem."

Wednesday’s attack is the latest in what has come to be known as the "silent intifada". Throughout this time period, Arab extremists have rioting and carrying out violent attacks in Jerusalem on a daily basis.

The deadly attack took place one day after the police announced the formation of a new task force to combat ongoing violence in Jerusalem.