Israel To Compensate Terrorist's Family?

Family claims tractor attack which killed Avraham Walles was an accident. Demands 2.5 million NIS in compensation for al-Ja'abis's death.

Ido Ben Porat, Cynthia Blank,

Tractor attack in Jerusalem
Tractor attack in Jerusalem
Hezki Ezra

The family of Muhammad Na'if al-Ja’abis, the terrorist who carried out a bulldozer attack in Jerusalem two months ago, are demanding compensation. 

During the attack, al-Ja'abis slammed his tractor into a bus, killing one person and injuring six others. 

A lawsuit has been filed by the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court. The family is demanding NIS 2.5 million ($668,000), claiming that al-Ja'abis did not intend to carry out the attack and kill Avraham Walles. Thus, security forces killed him hastily. 

According to the suit, which Channel 2 reported, al-Ja'abis accidentally hit Walles. According to the family, onlookers began to surround the bulldozer and shower him with stones. The family also claims that al-Ja'abis left the construction site with the tractor in order to avoid the crowd, and security forces opened fire on him without a warning shot. 

The family contends that the tractor hit the bus, injuring passengers, only after al-Ja'abis suffered from dozens of shots and could not control his actions. The family plans to introduce a video in court which it says proves its case. 

"Muhammad worked half a day until the event. He ate and drank with someone in the area," the family wrote in the claim. "He came to work from home, and if he wanted to carry out an attack, why did he not do so on his way to work or somewhere else? Muhammad and Walles worked in the same place without any problems." 

"Upon leaving the site after the accident Muhammad turned right onto the main road where on his left was a major traffic jam" details the family in a lawsuit filed by attorney Wasim Dachwar, "Why would someone trying to launch an attack not turn into a busy street? Even in the video, you can see that Muhammad is trying to pass his tractor, near the bus, without harming anyone, while dozens of bullets were fired at him."