PM Netanyahu: Iran’s 'Making Bombs'

'17 countries around the world like Mexico, Canada, Indonesia and others, have civilian nuclear energy. They don't have one centrifuge.'

Mark Langfan ,

Netanyahu with Obama
Netanyahu with Obama
Flash 90

In one of his last, and perhaps his best, interviews before returning home to Israel for Yom Kippur 5775, a somewhat hoarse, but determined, PM Binyamin Netanyahu told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren’s “On the Record,” “They're [Iran’s] making bombs. That's what they're trying to do. That's what they're whole program is about, making bombs.”

Netanyahu explained that if President Barack Obama, in a nuclear “bad deal,” were to allow the Iranians to keep “thousands of centrifuges,” he would be, in effect, “giving [the Iranians] the capacity in short order, a few weeks, a few months to operate those centrifuges, enrich enough uranium, that's what you need, enriched uranium, to make a core of a nuclear bomb.”

The prime minister explained that though the Iranians “say they need it for civilian” non-military nuclear program, “That's not true. 17 countries around the world, big countries, like Mexico and Canada and Indonesia and others, have civilian nuclear energy. They don't have one centrifuge. Because the centrifuge you really need is for one thing, not for civilian nuclear energy, but for making a bomb, for military use.”

The Prime Minister started out the interview by explaining Israel’s place in the world’s strategic landscape, “They call us the Small Satan because we are just a frontal position, a forward position of the United States. They want to destroy us so they can get to you.

“The greatest danger is that any one of these groups, either ISIS on the radical Sunni side, or Iran that leads the radical Shiites, that any one of them would get nuclear weapons is a tremendous threat to the future of our world, a tremendous threat not only to Israel but to the United States as well. That has to be prevented.”

As for recent pro-Iran press pieces that claim that to enlist Iran to help in the fight against ISIS, Obama should give in on the nuclear issue, Netanyahu was crystal-clear, “I’ve heard in the press that people are saying, well, let's reward Iran for fighting ISIS with, you know, what they want on the nuclear deal. What for? They are going to fight ISIS anyway. If Assad came to you and said, well, I will fight ISIS if you give me back my chemical weapons, you would laugh them out of court. That's about the same absurdity.”

In closing, the Prime Minister reformulated and hammered home what was his main “Militant Islam” message throughout his 2014 UN General Assembly tour, that “Militant Islam” wants “to bring us back to the early Medieval Period where women are chattel and minorities are subjugated. And everyone they consider an infidel is given a choice, convert or die. That's insane. But this insanity, coupled with the weapons of mass destruction, could lead to catastrophe.”

Nuclear centrifuges separate the heavier isotope of uranium U238 from its lighter cousin uranium isotope U235, which is the critical isotope for nuclear bombs. Sources such as A. Q. Khan, the father of Pakistan’s atomic bomb, and the Union of Concerned Scientists, estimate the amount of highly enriched U235 necessary for an implosion-type uranium nuclear bomb to be 10kg-18kg, and for a simple gun-type bomb – about 40 kg.