Arab Rioter Shot Dead Trying to Kill IDF Soldiers

In violent riots against IDF forces who were north of Ramallah to arrest a Hamas terrorist, 22-year-old killed as he tries to throw a bomb.

Ari Yashar ,

Rioters burn tires fighting IDF (file)
Rioters burn tires fighting IDF (file)
Flash 90

An Arab rioter was shot dead early Wednesday morning as he took part in clashes attacking IDF troops in Al-Amari north of Ramallah, with Palestinian Authority (PA) sources decrying the incident, even as the IDF reports he was shot while trying to kill soldiers.

The rioter, 22-year-old Taysir Qatari according to PA medics cited by AFP, was shot while trying to throw an explosive at IDF forces according to the IDF Spokesperson's Unit.

IDF forces were in the area to conduct an arrest of wanted terrorists. During the ensuing clashes, at least 50 Arab rioters threw molotov cocktails and rocks at the soldiers, and also rolled burning tires at them.

An IDF spokesperson said the forces "identified one Palestinian who tried to throw an explosive device at them so in response they opened fire." She added that he was evacuated for medical treatment but died of his wounds.

The target of the operation, a wanted Hamas terrorist named as Allah Jalita, was arrested in the operation. An M1 Carbine semi-automatic rifle was found in his house, along with pipe bombs and dozens of bullets.

Overnight arrests also saw the IDF capture another Hamas terrorist in Bethlehem. Aside from the two, four others were arrested for disturbing public order and throwing rocks and IDF forces and civilians. 

All six arrested were brought in for investigation by security forces.

The recent clashes following several days of violent rioting that have largely been focused in Jerusalem, after Mohammed Abu Sankara (16) died on Sunday from injuries he received while taking part in a riot there the week before. 

Police say Sankara was shot in the leg with a sponge round while taking part in the violent riots, then fell and hit his head as he ran away; they add he was conscious as he was taken to the hospital. Sankara's family has alleged he was shot in the head at close range by the nonlethal sponge round.

The ensuing massive riots have included an attempt to blow up a gas station in Jerusalem's northern French Hill neighborhood.

Jerusalem Councilman Aryeh King, who reported the incident, told Arutz Sheva on Monday that "Muslim terror is raising its head in French Hill. A huge disaster was averted yesterday towards midnight, when no fewer than 40 Arab terrorists broke in to the French Hill gas station and tried to set off the fuel stores.”

A report on Monday revealed that in the past few months terror attacks in Jerusalem have been growing exponentially, going from three incidents in March to a whopping 152 in July and August.