No More National Geographic for Terrorists

National Geographic channel removed in Megiddo prison, out of fear terrorists would use its contents to plan escapes.

Nir Har Zahav ,

Television (illustration)
Television (illustration)

Terrorists who are imprisoned in the Megiddo prison will no longer be able to watch the National Geographic channel on prison televisions, Channel 10 News reported on Monday.

According to the report, the channel was pulled for fear that the imprisoned terrorists would take advantage of its programming to plan escapes from prison.

The National Geographic channel, in addition to nature-related films, also features programming about daring and sophisticated escapes from prison around the world.

Just last month, Prison Service officials uncovered a plot by Arab terrorists in a prison in northern Israel to tunnel their way out.

The terrorists managed to partially dig out an escape tunnel without prison staff being aware of their activity.

Acting on a tip, officials discovered the well-hidden tunnel and removed the terrorists from their cell.

The cell was occupied by eight members of Islamic Jihad, all of whom are serving terms for terror acts and endangering the lives of Israelis – with some carrying sentences of several decades.

In June, the Prisons Service was able to foil a plan by Islamic Jihad terrorists to escape from an Israeli prison using an underground tunnel which they had dug in the bathroom.